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All your sales and workforce information in a grid view. Now your teams can collaborate and work together without worrying about data organization. Oxibase lets you define, prioritize, assign tasks with great flexibility and ease.


What and why Oxibase?

Businesses often feel the need of an integration software that can collate all its information (tasks, customers ongoing projects, invoices, reports, etc.) on a single platform and enable them to reduce task’s turnaround time of the projects undertaken.

Oxibase is one stop solution to all your information collation issues and gives you total control of your taskforce. You don’t need five different softwares to manage sales, invoice, leads, tasks, reports, etc. All can be managed across a single platform with Oxibase.

It will give your business the much required organization and flexibility. How? Keep reading the point:

  • Everything is automatically synced and organized. No manual organization is required.
  • Everyone in the company knows what’s happening. Thus, all are on the same page.
  • Task completion rate increases.
  • Free time can be used up for meetings and other productive analysis.
  • Better customer interaction and thus, satisfaction.
  • Never miss on deadlines and tasks.

Our Values

These are the values we live and work by.
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that a happy customer is the best thing to have in this time of dis-satisfaction. We create happy customers by giving them so many features in a single product.

Complexity is the thing of the past

Complexity is the thing of the past

Untangle issues and accountability issues as Oxibase lets you assign tasks and responsibilities. So no more “I didn’t knew or so”…

Planning Simplified

Planning Simplified

Turn your super fun plan into a success by preparing and sharing an action plan on one platform for everybody.

Gain visibility and Control

Gain visibility and Control

View what your team is up to and monitor status of the work distributed among them. Get more visibility on the tasks assigned.

Giving back

Our customers do amazing things with our product. And, we wish to do amazing things for people who have the spark but not the means. 1% of our every product, equity, profit, etc. is donated for charity, for making a little difference in their not so privileged lives.

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