How Oxibase CRM helps in giving your business a high fly

One CRM Software is ready to streamline all projects within scheduled period

Due to continuous advancement in technology, companies across industries are showing interest in revamping the technologies to engage with customers. “Customer Is a King” is an old aged business mantra. The process of converting a valuable prospect to a customer is long and demanding. If it is not served well, you might lose profits. Customer Relationship Management, better known as CRM has become an integral part of companies these days. It may be daunting to the new user but once it is implemented properly it will add value to your business.

Oxibase CRM is designed to give business the edge they need to grow their potential clients. It is a simple and easy-to-use interface at an affordable price making it an ideal CRM choice for your business. We bring to you the following few features that are important for every business, including yours:

Follow the most cognitive features to have world-class web CRM software

  • Project Management: This feature allows you to assign multiple staff members even if they are not a part of the team, and track their hours spent on the task assigned.

  • Estimates & Proposals: Estimates are created quick and easy. Sending requests to customers that get turned into automatic invoices upon customer acceptance.
  • Leads: Our simple lead tracking feature lets you gauge your leads easily. You can now attach files, convert leads to actual customers, import leads from email automatically, and even leave notes for them.
  • Tasks & Contracts: One can add members to a task even if a member is not a part of the team; add task followers and comments along with task attachments.PDF documents can be sent as a reminder to customers before the contract expires.
  • Customer Tracking: Your qualified business lead now becomes more obligatory for a kind of persuasion. This is a unique feature that let you know for a meanwhile renewal of customer-centric services.


Oxibase CRM has captured the attention of many sales-driven companies. It has been helping a lot of companies in achieving their sales goals. To know more about our software get in touch with our team.

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