Your Business Need to be Represented Via CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy which aims to understand “customer” or “prospect” needs in order to acquire a new business or retaining existing one. CRM software is the software that helps in building a relationship with customers.

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Every business needs to maintain or build relations with customers. CRM has the multiple features that help the company’s marketing and sales team to store all the information about current and potential customers. Besides just maintaining relationship with customers, CRM has also another important usage to the company:

  • Keep track of sales and revenue
  • Channel used by the customer to reach the company
  • Performance of the employees
  • Communication with the customer and provide them support
  • Important data for marketing analysisKey factors that must be considered while choosing a sales CRM
  1. Scalability: Installing CRM software will help your business grow. While choosing a CRM make sure it should be scalable i.e. it should allow changes to accommodate for greater future demand.
  2. Mobility: Sales team is more active outside the office. They require a CRM that suits their mobility
  3. Pricing:Most CRM that are developed today are not that costly but still you need to sure the analytics and support they are providing at their offer price.
  4. Customization & Integration: It is another important factor to be considered while choosing CRM. Ask the product company experts how you can-
  • Add custom fields
  • Switch on or off the  features
  • Setting up the dashboard both individually or for team
  • Add contacts
  • Create Invoices
  • Schedule reminders for call and meetings

CRM software has become so important these days that no company can stand out in the market without it. It has become the preferred choice of marketing and sales department.

Oxibase CRM has captured the attention of many sales driven companies due to its advantageous features and ease of use. It has been helping lot of companies in achieving their sales goals. To know more about our software get in touch with us.


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