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This is an absolute truth need to be discussed, in the prospects of internet and it’s allied services that will be no more after certain period of time; on the basis of acquisition and financial crisis but we are really believe to be a close campaigning until the end. It also being risky to loose your trust and time that might be disappeared after a certain period of time. Eventually, there is no guarantee for safe-side of your data.

We want more for Oxibase customers.

As per our prospective clienteles’ feedback and relevant query i.e. responsible for further rectification as well as the further demand for unique customized features in Oxibase CRM. We will be more obliged to them in order to offer more competitive advantages. Because of planned feedback channels, we continuously keep on doing and upgrading the unique features of web-based CRM. Our certified technical team is developing more features to keep maintaining end-user service satisfaction. For free demo version of Oxibase Sign Up Now! Actions

It’s a promise to our customers

We're committed to supporting our product always (or until the point when the last client turns off the lights). Oxibase remains against the tide of fleeting software and administrations that are frustratingly basic on the Internet. Oxibase is worked to last. Supporting our heritage items and clients who adore them isn't free or simple however it's the best activity. We'll be here until the finish of the Internet.

Here’s what that means:

  • The day you turn into an Oxibase client you can assume that Oxibase will be around. If the Oxibase item you're utilizing enters a heritage stage you'll be allowed to continue utilizing it as-is uncertainty, accepting you keep on abiding by our terms of administration and keep your membership dynamic.
  • Your information is sheltered. Despite status, the greater part of our items gets the same thorough care with regards to security and protection. While we may not add new highlights to inheritance items we'll keep on applying the most recent security refreshes; keep up the foundation that guards them, quick and secure; and keep on offering client bolster.
  • Oxibase is our labor of love—we're in this for the whole deal. In the unexpected and unforeseen occasion that the organization or one of our items is obtained by another organization, we'll do our best to ensure the item and this guarantee live on.

Changes & questions

On the top priority basis, We are ready to update our end-user regarding any prospective significant changes in this policy via a notification on our website as well as by email.

Questions about this policy? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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