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Who owns a Oxibase account?

An individual who sign up and create an Oxibase account is the owner of that account and all the data existing in that account. This account is not owned by the organisation, Only an individual signing up will be liable and have access to the Oxibase account and its data.

Oxibase provides you the privilege of adding multiple owners to Oxibase account. We recommend you to take advantage of it and designate other owners to your account who can help you keep your account updated at times of emergency or when you are not available to access your account.

We make sure that certain privileges lie with Owner(s) only to maintain the safety of your account. Authority of adding and removing owners lies with the owners of the account. In case of any legal responsibility, owner(s) are accountable. For the security of your data, The authority of managing your account in any possible way does not lie with us.

Designating other people as owners

Before you decide to designate other people as owners, you must know that they will have equivalent power to add and remove other owners, be it you, at any given time. Although adding and removing of the owners do not change the payment settings of the account. You must contact the support department if, in any circumstances, you wish you remove or change credit card from your account. In case of completely removing yourself from the account make sure the credit card details are also been changed to the new owner.

What happens when none of the current account owners are available?

Our obligation is always to the current account owner(s). Therefore, we will not be in a position to add any new members to the account without receiving permission from a current account owner, communicated from the email address registered with us. The most prompt way to add an owner is through existing owner only.

In case an individual fails to contact the account owner themselves. We will gladly reach out to the owners through registered email addresses on individual’s behalf. In this scenario, Permission of adding an individual as a new owner will be granted only if the permission is received from the registered email address of the current owner(s).

A court order is required to add another owner to the account when none of the above scenarios is an option.

Late / no payment policy: Our late payment policies are flexible. If the account has been frozen due to non-payment for less than a week, we’d be glad to thaw the account for a week in order to let you have access to your work in the meantime.

More questions about account ownership?

More queries on account ownership policy? Please get in touch with our support team and let them clear all your doubts and guide you. Access, change or delete personal information at any time by contacting the Oxibase support team.

Please note: The policy tends to remain same. If any significant changes are made, we will make sure to notify you either by placing a prominent notice on our website or by mailing the account owner.

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