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A service level agreement (SLA) is an official agreement between service provider and an end user. This agreement also includes relative aspects of services i.e. quality assurance, mean time availability, in-bound responsibilities. Most significantly, the validity of services as per the final agreement upon in a contract.

What does Uptime mean?

Uptime is a considerable time frame that enumerates the proportion of time including; an IT system or device is completely operational by real-time services. In order to quantify uptime success, SLA (service level agreement) or contract underpin both uptime (consecutive operational)/downtime ( a system is not working) provisions.

What happens if it’s below 99.99%?

It rarely happens when uptime below 99.99%. In some exceptional cases including maintenance, due to your network failure and relevant consequences will be the major cause for uptime might be below 99.99%. Our dedicated operation team is working. So you would not find compromised uptime.

Similarly, for sustainable services, you can check-out your next billing cycle as our billing department periodically sent due payment details. In an uncertain situation where an outage more than 5 minutes, we’ll be liable to credit your account 10x i.e. equal to an hourly rate pay for the use of Oxibase. With high availability server clustering, security management, DDoS protection and mitigation, controlled backups and, other valuable practices are liable for achieving 99.99% uptime.

How do we track that uptime?

Uptime tracking is possible with supportive tools including server monitoring software, ping tests, web server tests, TCP port tests as well as website tests. Accordingly, we will be getting complete server-side error rate and on the basis of this report, we can manage the Uptime tracking.

Will this change in the future?

Any kind of changes in our SLA might be possible in order to persist the satisfactory end-user experience. Once upon a time, if there will be any changes in SLA then at the same time we will notify our users by email or by short notice over the website. So that they would possibly make any certain changes accordingly.

What if I have questions about this SLA?

We are very grateful to have your feedback and queries related to our software services. If anything else comes across the performance, billing, terms & conditions and, other aspects. We will be happy to assist you.

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