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We offer encrypted data protection.

All information is set down to numerous circles without a moment's delay, moved down every day and it accumulates in the different area. Our clients transfer records that are store to satisfy the utilization of present-day strategies to evacuate bottlenecks and purposes of disappointment.

Your information is sent utilizing HTTPS.

As per the security concern, HTTPS is a more reliable way to protect your classified information while making a transition of information in terms of upload doc files i.e. stored and encrypted. Project data, messages, text documents and todos aren’t encrypted at rest — they are active in our database. Our backups of your data are encrypted using GPG.

Full accessibility for all major systems

For more secure and easy to access server feature, implying overall actions from power supplies to the internet connection to air purifying appliances. On the periodic basis, our systems are re-engineered in order to deliver remarkable services.

Sophisticated physical security

Our servers utilize very secure offices, frameworks and also ensured by biometric bolts as well as round-the-clock inside and outside reconnaissance checking. Just approved workforce approach the server farm. day in and day out24/7/365 on location staff gives extra assurance against unapproved passage and security ruptures.

Frequently refreshed framework.

Our product foundation is redesign frequently with the recent security patches. Our items keep running on a devoted system which is secured with firewalls and painstakingly observed. While culminate security is a moving target, we work with security specialists to stay aware of the cutting edge in web security.

We safeguard your billing data

Utilizing secure encryption your transition detail are prepared—a similar level of encryption utilized by driving banks. Card data is transmitted, put away, and handled safely on a PCI-Compliant system.

3+ years in business.

Oxibase family is working around the clock in order to deliver the best possible services to our end-user. On the security point of view, we are continuously creating a benchmark from last 3 years around the world with millions of satisfied clientele. As similar to our mission is continuously matching our vision.

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Have a worry? Need to report us?

If there is any mishappening, have you seen manhandle, abuse, an adventure, or encountered an incident at any point in time with your account?. You need to visit our security page for an instant acknowledgment of security rights as well as submit your report. So, accordingly, we will be liable enough to take strict action.

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